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Cognos TM1 Online Training

IBM Cognos® TM1® is an enterprise planning software platform that can transform your entire planning cycle, from target setting and budgeting to reporting, scorecarding, analysis and forecasting. Available as an on-premise or on-cloud solution, and with extensive mobile capabilities, Cognos TM1 enables you to collaborate on plans, budgets and forecasts. You can analyze data, and create models – including profitability models – to reflect a constantly evolving business environment. In addition, integrated scorecards and strategy management capabilities help you monitor performance metrics and align resources and initiatives with corporate objectives and market events.

  • Powerful planning and analysis – Create and analyze sophisticated plans, budgets and forecasts, even those based on large data sets.
  • Integrated scorecards and strategy management – Model metrics to measure progress toward objectives and link them dynamically to actions and forecasts.
  • Flexible modeling – Develop and deploy even the most complex planning and analysis models using a guided modeling environment.
  • Engagement with more users – Engage users from across the organization in high-participation planning and collaborate with remote and distributed users through a range of mobile devices, including the Apple iPad.
  • Cloud-based deployment option – Provide all the functionality of the on-premise solution with optional cloud-based deployment.



Cognos Tm1 Online Training Cognos TM1 Online Training | IBM Cognos TM1 Online Demo

Cognos Tm1 Online Training

Cognos TM1 Online Training with DURATION of 40 HOURS with free REAL TIME Interview questions. We provide you Job Assistance along with resume preparation by senior experts. We conduct classes on weekdays or weekends based on member’s flexibility.

Cognos Tm1 Online Training:-

IBM Cognos TM1 provides a real-time approach to consolidating, viewing, and reporting on large volumes of multidimensional data through an Excel or Web interface.

Using a patented, 64-bit, in-memory OLAP server, IBM Cognos TM1 has a proven track record of supporting financial performance management and business analytic s.

With the release of 9.5 IBM has brought in a version of the managed Contribution interface from Planning to give TM1 applications a more structured and controlled data entry capability for those users wanting to move away from Excel as a front end.

The TM1 10 release sees the next step in delivering a world beating single solution for planning and analysis with the introduction of a graphical model building interface


Cognos TM1 Online Training Course Content

Cognos TM1
Examine TM1 Components
  • Review financial performance management
  • Identify the TM1 user community
  • Describe the components of TM1
Browse Data in a Cube
  • List the components of a cube
  • Create a new view of the data
  • Stack, swap and filter dimensions in a cube
  • Use drill capabilities to focus the data
Focus Your Analysis using Subsets
  • Examine the benefits of subsets
  • Use aliases in subsets
  • Filter subsets
  • Differentiate between static subsets and dynamic subsets
Contribute Data
  • Spread data to multiple cells at once
  • Edit individual cells
  • Exclude cells from being adjusted
Work with Spreadsheets
  • Differentiate between a slice and a snapshot
  • Use a classic slice and an Active Form
  • Manage TM1 data through Excel
Work with Spreadsheets
  • Create interactive reports and data input templates using Active Forms
  • Customize Active Forms using new TM1 Functions
  • Apply formatting to Active Forms
Create Dynamic Reports with Active Forms
  • Create interactive reports and data input templates using Active Forms
  • Customize Active Forms using new TM1 Functions
  • Apply formatting to Active Forms
Configure a TM1 server:
  • Define a TM1 server
  • Create a configuration file
  • Identify the basic tasks required to create a TM1 application and deploy it
Create Dimensions
  • Review cubes and dimensions
  • Create dimensions manually
  • Create dimensions using Turbo Integrator
Build Cubes and Views
  • Discuss cubes and data points
  • Create cubes
  • Construct views of data in cubes
Load and Maintain Data
  • Identify data sources
  • Create processes to load data
  • Create a process to delete data in a cube
  • Create processes to update and maintain the model
Add Business Rules
  • Discuss a rule
  • Construct rules for elements or consolidations
  • Use functions in rules
  • Optimize rule performance
Automate Common Processes Using Scripts
  • Review Advanced tabs in Turbo Integrator
  • Load custom data into a cube
  • Add a subset to a dimension
  • Use logic in scripts
  • Export data to ASCII
  • Move data between versions
  • Construct chores
Customize Drill Paths
  • View related data
  • Create a Drill Process
  • Create a Drill Assignment Rule
  • Edit a drill process
Manage the Server
  • Broadcast messages to clients
  • Connect and disconnect users from a TM1 server
  • Shut down a remote TM1 server
Implement TM1 Security
  • Identify TM1 authentication options
  • Create users and groups
  • Assign object security rights to groups
Integrate with IBM Cognos 8 BI
  • Integrate TM1 cubes within a Cognos 8 Business Intelligence (BI) environment
  • Integrate IBM Cognos TM1 in Cognos 8 BI portals

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