Dimensional Data Modeling
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Dimensional Data Modeling Online Training:


Cognos DimensionalView Dimensional Data Modeling

Dimensional Modeling Online TRaining


Project/Program Planning

• Professional Responsibilities

• Professional Boundaries

• An Engineer’s View

• Beware the Objection Removers

• What Does the Central Team Do?

• Avoid DW/BI Isolation

• Implementation Analysis Paralysis

• Kimball Methodology

• Kimball Lifecycle in a Nutshell

• Think Critically When Applying Best Practices

• Eight Guidelines for Low Risk Enterprise Data Warehousing

Requirements Definition

• Gathering Requirements

• Business Requirements

• Requirements Gathering Dos and Don’ts

• Surprising Value of Data Profiling

• Organizing around Business Processes

• Focus on Business Processes, Not Business  Departments!

• Identifying Business Processes

• Business Process Decoder Ring

• Relationship between Strategic Business Initiatives and Business Processes Wrapping Up the


Data Architecture

• Making the Case for Dimensional Modeling

• Is ER Modeling Hazardous to DSS?

• A Dimensional Modeling Manifesto

• There Are No Guarantees

• Enterprise Data Warehouse Bus Architecture

• Divide and Conquer

• The Matrix

• The Matrix: Revisited

• Drill Down into a Detailed Bus Matrix

• Integration Instead of Centralization

• Integration for Real People

• Data Stewardship : The First Step to Quality And ÂConsistency

• To Be or Not To Be Centralized

• Contrast with the Corporate Information Factory

• Differences of Opinion

• Don’t Support Business Intelligence with a Normalized EDW

Dimensional Modeling Fundamentals

• Basics of Dimensional Modeling

• Fact Tables and Dimension Tables

• Drilling Down, Up, and Across

• Myths about Dimensional Modeling

• Dangerous Preconceptions

• Fables and Facts

Fact Table Core Concepts

• Granularity

• Declaring the Grain

• Keep to the Grain in Dimensional Modeling

• Types of Fact Tables

• Fundamental Grains

• Factless Fact Tables

• Factless Fact Tables? Sound Like Jumbo Shrimp?

• What Didn’t Happen

• Parent-Child Fact Tables

• Patterns to Avoid When Modeling Header/Line

• Item Transactions

• Fact Table Keys and Degenerates

• Fact Table Surrogate Keys

• Reader Suggestions on Fact Table Surrogate Keys

• Miscellaneous Fact Table Design Patterns

• Put Your Fact Tables on a Diet

• Keeping Text Out of the Fact Table

• Dealing with Nulls in a Dimensional Model

Dimension Table Core Concepts

• Dimension Table Keys

• Surrogate Keys

• Keep Your Keys Simple

• Date and Time Dimension Considerations

• It’s Time for Time

• Surrogate Keys for the Time Dimension

• Latest Thinking on Time Dimension Tables

• Smart Date Keys to Partition Fact Tables

• Handling All the Dates

• Miscellaneous Dimension Patterns

• Data Warehouse Role Models

• Mystery Dimensions

• De-Clutter with Junk Dimensions

• Showing the Correlation Between Dimensions

• Causal (Not Casual) Dimensions

• Resist Abstract Generic Dimensions

• Hot-Swappable Dimensions

• Accurate Counting with a Dimensional Supplement

• Slowly Changing Dimensions

• Perfectly Partitioning History with Type SCD

• Many Alternate Realities

• Monster Dimensions

• When a Slowly Changing Dimension Speeds Up

• When Do Dimensions Become Dangerous?

• Slowly Changing Dimensions Are Not Always as easy as

More Dimension Patterns and Case Studies

• Snowflakes, Outriggers, and Bridges

• A Trio of Interesting Snowflakes

• Help for Dimensional Modeling

• Managing Bridge Tables

• The Keyword Dimension

• Dealing with Hierarchies

• Maintaining Dimension Hierarchies

• Help for Hierarchies

• Five Alternatives for Better Employee Dimensional Modeling

• Alternate Hierarchies