Oracle Apps DBA Online Training
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Oracle Apps DBA Online Training

Oracle Apps DBA Online Training– Course Content


Introduction to Oracle 11i E-Business Suite
Oracle Applications Overview
Oracle Applications File System
Oracle Applications Environment files
Server process Scripts and language
Oracle Applications in single node and multi node
Oracle Applications database


Overview of installation process
installing and configuring Oracle Application 11i using single Node install
installing and configuring Oracle Application 11i using Multi Node install
Patch Administrations
Patching Activities
Creating a Patch
Running Patches
Patching history Database
System Administrator
Managing Application Security
Managing Concurrent programs and Reports
Administering Concurrent Managers
Manage Profile Options
Managing Users Profile Options
Introduction to Oracle Workflow
Testing and Monitoring Oracle Workflow
Check Active user and other Request Status
Maintaining Oracle Applications Utilties
what are the AD Utilities?
using AD Administration
using other AD Utilities
Auto Config Utility
Config Utilities
Context Editor
Cloning Oracle Application Using Manual AD Clone and Rapid Clone Methods
Oracle Core DBA Concept
Oracle Database Architecture
All Background Process
Tables Related to Oracle Applications
Export and Import of Database
Introduction to Interfaces
Outbound Interfaces
Using UTL_FILE package
Inbound Interfaces
Using SQL * Loader tool
Additional Documents
Interview Q & A
Real Time Troubleshoot Scenarios
Soft & Hard Copy of all notes
Notes on R12 Application