SAP ABAP HR Online Training|SAP ABAP HR Online Training
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SAP ABAP HR Online Training:

The aim of the Human Resources component is to enable companies to process employee related data according to business requirements in an effective structure. The Human Resources module uses a system of data grouped together called infotypes. Infotypes mirror a quantity of connected data records; infotypes are identifiable through a four character numerical string [e.g. infotype Addresses (0006)] and a complete listing is included. You can save the infotypes as time dependent to enable a retroactive evaluation of Employee data. The infotypes appear as an entry screen for the user, through which you can maintain infotype records. Infotypes can be processed individually or in fast entry mode.

SAP ABAP-HR Course contents:

SAP HR Overview

Components of HR Module
Over view of HR modules
How HR is different from Other Module

HR Programming

Logical database PNP/PNPCE
Structure of Database Tables in HR module (Infotypes)
Infotype Structure
Time constraints in HR
Infotypes – Data retrieval
Repetitive Structure and List Display
Macros in HR

Working with Infotypes

Customer Infotype
Infotype Enhancements

OM & PA modules

Enterprise structure
Personal structure
OM relation ships
Demo on PA report
Demo on OM report

Pay roll Module

Payroll Basics
Working with clusters
Payroll process
Payroll reporting – Using function modules
Retro and off cycle payroll importance

HR Authorizations

Authorizations in SAP
Structural authorizations

Reporting tools

SAP Query
Ad hoc query

HR Other modules

ESS & MSS – Significance

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