SAP BW/BI Online Training
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SAP BW/BI Online Training:

SAP BI BW Online Training, The SAP BI or Business Intelligence courses focuses on the core capability of SAP Business Intelligence Software and the wide application of BI/BW within an enterprise environment. During the course candidates will work on case scenarios, configurations and more. This course will focus more on the practical angle thus bringing real world application of SAP Business Intelligence to the classroom. Areas like Enterprise Data Warehousing, Reporting using Query Designer, Web Application Designer, Analyzer, Web Analyzer, Integrated Planning and more will be covered. Below courses can be deliverd onsite, online and live virtual classrooms. Courses can be delivered in any country of the world.

Overview of  BW/BI:

SAP BI 1 SAP BW/BI Online Training


SAP BW/BI Course content:                                  Request a demo button SAP BW/BI Online Training

SAP BW/BI Overview & Concepts
• Overview of SAP R/3
• Necessity of SAP BW & Version of BW
• Data Ware Housing Concepts
• Landscape of SAP BW
• Integration of BW system with different systems
• ERM, MDM, Star Schema & Extended Star Schema.
Objects in SAP BW 
• Info Area, Info Object Catalogs
• Characteristics
• Key Figures-Cumulative & Non Cumulative
• PSA- Transfer Structure/Data sources
• Transfer Rules
• Info Source/Communication Structure
• ODS- Info Cubes
• Types of Info Cubes- Update Rules
Data Loading Using Flat Files
• Master Data – Attributes, Texts, Hierarchies
• Transaction data-Delta data loading
Data Filtration Techniques
• Transfer Rules level
• Update Rules level
• Start Routines
PSA-Maintenance scheduling the data
• Data Packet by Packet
• Complete scheduling
• Scheduling in background
• Transfer Rules & Update Rules
• PSA-Processing Types
• Monitoring & scheduling data loading
• Scheduling the jobs on periodic values
• Cancellation & Deleting the back ground jobs
Bi Concepts & Overview
Modeling: Data warehousing workbench
• Components of data warehousing workbench
• InfoObjects, data source,
• Types of DSO’s , Data Source Repository
• Migration of 3.X data sources & Recovery of 3.X Data sources
• Difference between ODS & DSO
• Data Loading – Master Data & Transactional Data.
• Concepts of Transformation & Its Types
• Controlling the data-flow with Infopackages (IP)& Data Transfer Process (DTP)
• Data Loading into DSO & InfoCubes
• Standard –Direct DSO –Write Optimized DSO.
Types of Info Cubes, Info Sets, MultiProvider 
• Open Hub & Performance Issue
• Deleting data from data target
• Query performance & Load Performances
Business Content
• Important of business Content
• Business Content Installation & Activation
• Business Content Data Source, DSO’s, Cubes, Reports, etc…
Meta Data Repository
• Important of Metadata Repository
• Flat file & LO Extraction
• Generic Extraction & Generic Delta
• FI-SL, Co-PA, DB Connect
• Business Content Extraction
• Data Enhancements- Tables, View, Query
Process Chain
• Types of Process Chains
• Process Groups & Meta Chain, etc…
Transport Mechanism
• Review of system Landscape
• Collecting Objects
• Creating Transports
• Releasing Transport
• Importing Transport
• Monitoring Transport
Authorization Concepts
• Authorization
• Creating & Assigning Roles
BI 7.0 Reporting 
BEx Query Designer
• Introduction of BEx Query
• Filters, Columns & Rows
• Characteristic Restrictions & Free Characteristics
• Formulas & Calculated Key Figures
• Restricted Keyfigures & Variables with Texts.
Web Application Designer
• Creating Web Templates
• Web Item & properties
• Drop-down Functions
• Condition & Integration
Business Explorer Analyzer
• Introduction to BEx Analyzer
• Filtering Option
• Properties Available in Analyzer
Report Designer
• Creating Reports
• Formatting columns & Rows
• Changing font styles with background color
• Inserting Rows & columns
Integrated Planning
• Introduction & Planning Application- On web, MS Excel
Types of Projects
• Real Time Implementation Projects
• Up-Gradation project
• Enhancements to the existing Implementation project
• Support project
Advanced Topics in BI 7.0/7.4
• Analysis process Designer
• Modeling/Repartitioning
• Data Mart
• Open Hub Destination
• Infoset
• Multiprovider
Real Time Implementation Projects