SAP IS Retail Online Training |SAP SAP Is- Retail Training
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SAP IS Retail Online Training  | Online SAP SAP  Is  Retail Online Training Real Time Experts India | Globus Trainings

SAP IS Retail Online Training  Overview:

SAP IS Retail SAP IS Retail Online Training  |SAP SAP  Is  Retail  Training
SAP IS Retail Online TrainingSAP Retail is a completely integrated retailing system. It maps the complete set of business processes required for competitive assortment strategies, different retail formats, and ECR-driven logistics and distribution. It provides all the functions necessary for modeling business processes in a retail company.
SAP IS Retail Online Training

  • SAP IS Retail Online Training can take from your computer at your own pace
  • We Provide Personalized Online Software Training sessions, which are one hour to two hours duration of time and each on the day’s most suited to the Candidates.
  • Depending on the interest and mutual understanding of the student and the trainer, the numbers of sessions are framed.
  • Making student to learn more enthusiastic and natural.
  • Every week new batch will be started.
Public Training

  • Guidance will be given from a certified instructor, with real-life experience.
  • They are open to individuals and groups
  • Replace of ideas with other participants.
Corporate Training

  • The main purpose of the corporate training is to utilize the expertise of experienced trainer for their projects.
  • Depending on the project requirement we will schedule the classes.

SAP IS Retail Online Training Course Curriculum:-

    • Introduction
      • Is- Retail Overview
      • Is- Retail Process
      • Purchasing & Sales
      • Merchandise Logistics
      • Retail org structure
    • Retail Master Data
      • Article Master Data
      • Merchandise of categories
      • Creation of Merchandise categories Hierarchies
      • Creation of Articles
      • Single
      • Generic & Variant Articles
      • Creation of Structure Articles
      • Sales Set
      • Display
    • Site Master Data
      • Definition of Terms
      • Maintain site Profiles
      • Create Reference Sites
      • Update site profiles with reference sites
      • Define standard storage location in reference sites
      • Additional sites Data
      • Customizing for sites
      • Site Grouping
      • Creation of sites
      • Create of Reference Sites
      • Distribution Centers
      • Stores
    • Purchasing Data
      • Creation of Vendor
      • Creation of purchase Organization
      • Purchasing Group
      • Vendor Master Data
      • Vendor Managed Inventory
      • Buyer Managed Inventory
    • Assortment operations Listing & Management
      • Assortment Creation, Assortment types, Assortment Grades & Modules
      • Creating a Layout module
      • Listing – Assignment of Articles to Assortments and Creating Listing Conditions
      • Listing Procedures & Listing via Layout Customizations
      • Assignment of Products to Layout Modules
      • Creation of Structure Articles
      • Assignment of Assortments to Assortment users
    • Retail Pricing Retail Promotions
      • Sales Price Calculations
      • Purchase Price Calculations
      • Market Basket pricing
      • Promotions Management, Creation and Execution of Promotions
      • Bonus buys, Coupons PRICAT
    • Merchandise Requirements Planning and purchasing, Distribution
      • Warehouse & DC Management
      • Merchandise Distribution (Allocation Planning & Allocation tables)
      • Invoice Verification & Sub Sequent settlement
      • Cross Docking Flow – Through, Recipient Driven & Article Driven
      • Put Away
      • Direct Delivery
      • Procurement of merchandise
    • SAP Retail Store Connectivity
      • ALE EDI & IDOC Overview
      • POS Operations & Back Ground Processing in Retail
    • POS Inbound & POS Outbound
  • Real Time Projects & CONFIDENTIAL BONOUS