SAP IS Utilities Online Training
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SAP IS U Online Training:


SAP Is UtilitiySAP Utilities (SAP IS-U) is a process-oriented sales and information system that supports all services of utility and waste disposal companies. You can use SAP Utilities to handle and bill residential, commercial and industrial, and prospective customers. SAP Utilities helps you to keep you company processes as streamlined and as efficient as possible.
PrerequisitesAll attendees should have a basic knowledge to manage and bill residential, commercial and industry.
Online Training

  • Online Training can take from your computer at your own pace
  • We Provide Personalized Online Software Training sessions, which are one hour to two hours duration of time and each on the day’s most suited to the Candidates.
  • Depending on the interest and mutual understanding of the student and the trainer, the numbers of sessions are framed.
  • Making student to learn more enthusiastic and natural.
  • Every week new batch will be started.
Public Training

  • Guidance will be given from a certified instructor, with real-life experience.
  • They are open to individuals and groups
  • Replace of ideas with other participants.
Corporate Training

  • The main purpose of the corporate training is to utilize the expertise of experienced trainer for their projects.
  • Depending on the project requirement we will schedule the classes.

SAP IS U Online Training Course Content:

    • SAP ISU Introduction
    • SAP IS-Utilities/CCS overview
    • Scope of Regulated and Deregulated Market for ISU
    • Recognize how SAP ISU integrated in the R/3 Environment
    • Functional scope of the ISU system
    • Basic Master Data/Basic Functions.
    • Business Master Data
    • Technical master Data
    • Schedule Master Data
    • Device Master Data
    • Concept of Move-in/out process
    • Overview of Customer Interaction Centre
    • Overview of Contract account Receivables and payables
    • Overview of Device Management Module
    • Explanation of Business scenario’s in ISU
  • Billing & Invoicing Module.
    • Master Data and functions relevant to Billing
    • How rates and prices are mapped in the ISU system.
    • Configuration of Rate Structure/Tariff Design.
    • Configuration of Schema development and Rate determination process
    • Configure customizing settings for billing & invoicing Process
    • Discounts / surcharges
    • Meter reading order creation and consumption entry results process
    • Explanation of Different billing cycles like Manual billing, Interim billing, Periodic billing and final billing.
    • Bill Print out functions.
    • Billing & Invoicing Integration with DM & FICA module
  • Special Topics:
    • Overview of Dynamic Period Control
    • Explanation of Budget billing includes Payment scheme and Installment plan execution
    • Concept of Installation Groupings and serial switching’s
    • Overview of Energy Data Management.