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SAP MDM Online Training

SAP MDM Overview:

MDM SAP MDM Online Training

SAP MDM Online Training

SAP Master Data Management (SAP NW MDM) is a component of SAP’s NetWeaver product group and is used as a platform to consolidate, cleanse and synchronise a single version of the truth for master data within a heterogeneous application landscape. It has the ability to distribute internally and externally to SAP and non-SAP applications. SAP MDM is a key enabler of SAP Service-Oriented Architecture. Standard system architecture would consist of a single central MDM server connected to client systems through SAP Exchange Infrastructure using XML documents, although connectivity without SAP XI can also be achieved. There are five standard implementation scenarios:

  1. Content Consolidation – centralised cleansing, de-duplication and consolidation, enabling key mapping and consolidated group reporting in SAP BI. No re-distribution of cleansed data.
  2. Master Data Harmonisation – as for Content Consolidation, plus re-distribution of cleansed, consolidated master data.
  3. Central Master data management – as for Master Data Harmonisation, but all master data is maintained in the central MDM system. No maintenance of master data occurs in the connected client systems.
  4. Rich Product Content Management – Catalogue management and publishing. Uses elements of Content Consolidation to centrally store rich content (images, PDF files, video, sound etc.) together with standard content in order to produce product catalogues (web or print). Has standard adapters to export content to Desktop Publishing packages.
  5. Global Data Synchronization – provides consistent trade item information exchange with retailers through data hubs (e.g. 1SYNC)

SAP MDM (SAP NetWeaver MDM) is an enabling foundation for enterprise services and business process management. Working across heterogeneous systems at disparate locations, SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management ensures cross-system data consistency through interactive distribution.

With training in this SAP MDM Course curriculum, you’ll see how you can leverage SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management to do the following:

Integrate and support business processes across the extended value chain;

Consolidate, synchronize, distribute, centralize, and administer master data;

Manage internal content;

Enable catalog searches;

Customize print catalogs;

Enable multichannel syndication of product catalog content;

Perform analytics and reporting.

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