SAP OOPS Online Training
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SAP OOPS Online Training:-

SAP OOPS Online Training Overview:

SAP OOPS Online Training, Globus provides SAP OOPS Online training with real time experienced consultants according to your convenient timings.

SAP OOPS Online Training SAP OOPS Online Training

SAP OOPS Online Training


SAP OOPS Online Training,The course objective is to understand the concepts of Object Oriented Programming and integrate it into SAP ABAP to develop various applications. To understand the concepts of ABAP Objects.

What is ABAP Objects

ABAP Objects stands for Object oriented ABAP. Compared to the traditional ABAP programming language, ABAP Objects represents an extension of ABAP that provides the language with the tools to support the object oriented programming paradigm.

What is object oriented programming?

To anyone who doesn’t know what object oriented programming is, the object orientationterminology might sound like it is yet another fancy concept that doesn’t serve any real purpose nor provide any real added value just like too many other concepts in computer sciences.

Nothing could be wronger in the case of object oriented programming as this is, in my sense, nothing less than a revolution in the world of programming techniques.

More recent than the traditional procedural programming model in which the source code is arranged in procedures to help achieve some level of modularity, the object oriented programming builds on the basics of the existing procedural programming model to propose a radically more sophisticated and comprehensive programming model.

This model lets the analyst-programmer implement complex systems made up of numerous objects linked together or not and control the interactions between these objects. This characteristic of the object programming language constitutes a definitive advantage other traditional programming techniques as it becomes much easier to solve complex problems.

If you’re an ABAP application developer with basic ABAP programming skills, this book will teach you how to think about writing ABAP software from an object-oriented (OO) point of view, and prepare you to work with many of the exciting ABAP-based technologies in ABAP Objects (release 7.0).

Using our comprehensive SAP OOP’s training as your guide, you can make the switch to object-oriented programming effectively, while bringing your skills up-to-date. You’ll learn all essential OO concepts, and see examples from real-world projects. Object initialization, inheritance, polymorphism, exception handling, unit testing, and much more are demystified here, plus, you’ll explore enhanced techniques and tools in ABAP 7.0. Our Consultant doesn’t spend too much time teaching basic syntax, but rather concentrates on teaching object-oriented development – this is your chance to successfully explore object-oriented programming with ABAP Objects.

As a bonus, at the end of each topic, brief tutorials show you how to express your object-oriented designs using the Unified Modeling Language (UML).

SAP OOPS Online Training Highlights

  • Working with Objects
  • Encapsulation and Implementation
  • Hiding
  • Object Initialization and Cleanup
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Component-Based Design Concepts
  • Error Handling with Exceptions
  • Unit Testing with ABAP Unit
  • Working with the SAP List Viewer
  • ABAP Object Services
  • Working with XML
  • Debugging Objects

SAP OOPS Online Training  Course Curriculum :

1. Classes Instances
2. Object and Object references
3. Inheritance
4. Interfaces
5. Events
6. Relationships
7. Object Services
8. Use in ABAP
9. Program Calls and data transmission

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