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SAP Security online Training:-

SAP Security & Authorizations Online Training

This SAP Security and Auithorization’s Course gives technical consultants environment, IT managers, administrators and authorization of in-depth look at all aspects of IT security in the SAP NetWeaver. An introduction to the overall subject matter helps you get up to speed quickly on topics like risk evaluation, creating control options, designing security measures – and teaches you the appropriate procedures for Implementing the supporting processes.

You’ll also benefit from an overview of international security standards and legal regulations (eg, Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Basel II), and you’ll discover the best SAP security strategies and practices to Ensure Compliance.

The second part of the course is dedicated to the technical implementation of these security measures. From the authorization concept to measures concerning infrastructure in the portal environment and collaboration scenarios with SAP XI through to process planning, the authors leave no rock unturned.

This SAP Security and Authorizations Course uses examples to describe the potential risks as well as specific application and system security concepts for individual SAP components and solutions.

SAP Security Online Training – SAP Security

  • Describes system security for all SAP components
  • Contains new chapters on SAP GRC, SAP NetWeaver, SOA, J-SOX, and much more
  • Revised and updated with approximately 200 pages of brand new material

You are familiar with the problem: Your IT-supported processes need to be as secure as possible. Every single component of your SAP system must be secured internally and externally, and you also need to comply with statutory provisions in terms of security.

The actual challenge is, however, to master the interaction of these requirements for the purpose of holistic security and risk management for your SAP system, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this standard work.

With step-by-step instructions and numerous examples of proven methods, our SAP Security Consultant will teach you how to technically implement security in SAP NetWeaver. For all SAP applications, you’ll learn where and how you can secure processes or improve the security of existing systems.

To this end, you will learn the best practices of security strategy at SAP, as well as international standards. You will also learn how to integrate new technologies with your risk analysis.

At the end of the course the Course Contents are updated to expand the description of new SAP products, such as Business Objects and to supplement it with new security topics like governance, risk, and compliance (Enterprise Risk Management).

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SAP SECURITY Course Curriculum

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