SAP Testing Online Training
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SAP Testing Online Training:-

SAP Testing Online Training with globus trainings provide best real time experienced consultant to become sap testing consultant,SAP Testing training online.SAP TAO software can help. It enables you to easily create non production environments with relevant extracts of business data for testing developments and upgrades. So you can minimize infrastructure and maintenance expenses and maximize the effectiveness and accuracy of your non production systems.


SAP Testing online training SAP Testing Online Training

SAP Testing online training


• Learn to develop and perform functional and load tests and to build test systems with SAP TDMS
• Detailed description of SAP Solution Manager, eCATT, SAP Quality Center by HP, SAP TAO, and more
• Includes comprehensive and in-depth customer case studies

The test tools and services provided by SAP are numerous and rich in functionality. In this Course, you will not only learn what these tools can do for you and how they work together, you will also benefit from detailed instructions on how to use them. Dedicated chapters on methodology for functional and performance tests as well as detailed reports from projects with renowned SAP customers make this course your ultimate guide for setting up and maintaining your QA processes.

SAP Testing Online Training Tools:-
Whether you need information on SAP Solution Manager, eCATT, SAP TDMS, SAP TAO, SAP LoadRunner, or SAP Quality Center by HP, you will benefit from in-depth introductions on functional scope and usage of every tool.

Functional and Performance Tests
Test for both functionality and performance in your system. Learn about the basic differences of these test types, and find out how to reliably test the performance of your applications.

Test Automation
Are your test budgets notoriously tight? The Consultants show you how to leverage test automation to significantly reduce your testing costs.

Design and scope of test data, scheduling, selecting the right tools, and staffing: all questions related to planning and organizing test projects are answered in detail.

Customer Case Studies
Benefit from existing experience. Numerous customer reports—including three 5-year sustain-ability reports—demonstrate how test managers in different industries deal with the specific challenges in test projects.

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SAP Testing Online Training Highlights:-


• SAP Solution Manager
• SAP Test Data Migration Server
• SAP Load Runner by HP
• SAP Quality Center by HP and SAP TAO
Test methodology
• Test strategy and standards
• Road maps and project planning
Test management and automation
• Planning and performing tests
• Monitoring and reporting
• Benefits and execution of test automation
Test Center
• Concept and implementation
• Test Center services

 SAP Testing Online Training Overview:-

The SAP Testing Online Training course shows how SAP business processes and application components (HR, Accounts, Logistics) and application modules (SD, FI and CO) fit together from the viewpoint of user acceptance testing. We will show you how to define the SAP Testing online training roles, responsibilities and goals for acceptance testing and describe techniques that allow testers to take responsibility for the quality assurance of their SAP systems.

To understand the context in which you will be testing, we look at SAP’s use of menu-based dialogues, SAPGUI and business objects. By confirming your SAP landscape set-up we drive out its impact on your testing environment. We will also show how risk-based testing can be supported by examining the role of SAP ABAP programming in the design and development of new systems.

Acceptance testing is all about measuring confidence to assess whether the system is fit for purpose. This course shows you how to take a risk-based approach to determine whether to “go-live” with your SAP system implementation.

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