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 SAP WM Online Training:

SAP Warehouse Management (SAP WM) is a component of SAP Logistics Execution system (SAP LE) and deals with the following tasks: Inventory management in randomly-organized and fixed-bin storage types; Processing all relevant movements and tasks in the warehouse, such as goods receipt, goods issue, movements within the warehouse. The WM application component is not installed as a stand-alone solution, but is integrated in all areas of the SAP business system (such as MM, SD, PP, QM, TM). Based on the complexity of the warehouse operations and the business requirements, a Lean WM, or a standard WM or a Decentrallised WM or an Extended WM can be selected for implementation.”SAP WM Online Training” | Course |SAP WareHouse WM Training in Banglore | SAP MM Training in India

SAP WM Online Training Overview: 

sap Online Training SAP WM Online Training

SAP WM Online Training | Course | Placement Assistance in USA|SAP WareHouse WM Training in Banglore | SAP MM Training in India

SAP Warehouse Management – SAP WM:- . Want to gain a practical and holistic understanding of important SAP Warehouse Management (WM) functionality and technical configuration issues, then this course is for you.

Explore all of the most important aspects of SAP WM Online Training , including Master Data, Stock Replenishment, Picking and Putaway strategies, and Storage Unit Management. By focusing on the basic aspects of each area before fully exploring the detailed functionality, you’ll uncover invaluable technical configuration insights and gain a comprehensive understanding of SAP WM Online Training – while drastically enhancing your knowledge and expertise.

This unique course provides exclusive insights for SAP WM practitioners, with comprehensive coverage on new technologies such as RF devices and RFID, as well as on the new functionality of Extended Warehouse Management and Value Added Services.

Fully up-to-date for SAP ECC 6.0, our SAP WM Consultant discusses how WM integrates with the MM, SD, QM, and PP modules. Drawing from the SAP WM Consultant’s extensive WM experience, this is a must-do course for enhancing your mastery of this critical SAP module.


SAP WM Online Training Course Curriculum:-   

Processes in Logistics Execution

Logistics Execution in mySAP Business Suite

Positioning Within SAP Solutions Logistics Execution

Structure Elements

Organizational Units

Storage Bins and Quants

Material Master and Customer Master

Goods Receipt Processes

Goods Receipt Posting for Purchase Orders Putaway with Transfer Orders

Inbound Deliveries for Purchase Orders Putaway and Goods Receipt Posting

Goods Issue Processes

Goods Issue Posting for Cost Centers

Stock Removal with Transfer Orders

Outbound Deliveries for Sales Orders

Stock Removal and Goods Issue Posting

Transportation Planning in SAP ECC

Packaging Logistics


Handling Unit Management

Additional Functions in Warehouse Management

Warehouse Activity Monitor and Other Evaluations

Mobile Data Entry


Task and Resource Management

Delivery Processes

Idea and function of the delivery document

Idea and Function of the Delivery Document

Basic Organizational Units for the Delivery Process

Basic Organizational Units for the Delivery Process

Controlling Deliveries

Controlling Deliveries

The Goods Issue Process based on the Delivery

Prerequisites for Creating Outbound Deliveries Creating and Processing Outbound Deliveries

Processes and Functions Based on the Delivery

Picking Outbound Deliveries Packing Processes

Goods Issue

Special Functions for Processing Deliveries

Further Application Areas of the Delivery Document

Stock Transfers with Deliveries

Goods Receipt Process Using Inbound Delivery

Warehouse Management

The Warehouse Management System as Part of Logistics


Logistics Execution

Main Features of Warehouse Management

Structural Elements

Organizational Units

Storage Bins as Warehouse Management Master Data Organizational Connection to Inventory Management The Quant

The Interface Between Inventory Management and

Warehouse Management

Movement Types

Transfer Order Creation in the Background

Special Movement Indicator

Storage Location Control

Putaway Control

The Putaway Process

Storage Bin Search for Putaway

Influence of the Material Master Data on Putaway Forms of Capacity Check

Quality Check in the Warehouse

Stock Removal Control

The Stock Removal Process

Storage Bin Search for Stock Removal

Settings Relevant to Stock Removal

Batch Determination

Delivery Processes with Warehouse Management

Putaway for an Inbound Delivery Stock Removal for Outbound Delivery

Special Procedure for Stock Removal for Outbound Delivery

Posting Changes and Stock Transfers

Posting Changes

Stock Transfers

Replenishment Control

Internal Procurement Processes with Warehouse


Process Flow Process Control

The Warehouse Activity Monitor



Physical Inventory

Inventory Procedure

Technical Posting Process


Transportation in Logistics Execution

Logistics Execution

Position of Transportation and Shipment Costs within Logistics Execution

Controlling Transportation Processing

Organizational Units in Shipments

Shipment Types

Transportation Relevance

Creating Shipments

Criteria and Methods for Creating Shipments Automatically Creating Shipments

Interfaces in External Transportation Planning Systems and Other Scenarios

Shipment Processing


Processing Functions in Shipments

Additional Functions in Shipments

Packing and Loading in Shipments

Dangerous Goods Management in Shipments

Shipment Monitoring

Shipment Cost Processing

Overview of Shipment Cost Calculation and Settlement

Controlling Shipment Cost Processing

Shipment Cost Calculation

Shipment Cost Calculation

Additional Functions in Shipment Cost Calculation

Shipment Cost Settlement

Shipment Cost Transfer

Settlement of Costs with the Service Agent

Shipment Costs in the Sales Process

Using Express Delivery Companies

Outbound Deliveries Involving Express Delivery Companies

Additional Topics in Warehouse

Storage Unit Management

Storage Unit Management

Storage Unit Management in Bulk Storage

Handling Unit Management

Hazardous Material Management

Hazardous Material Handling

Additional Functions in TO Processing

Determining the Planned Data and Entering the Actual Data Transfer Order Split

Mobile Data Entry

Mobile Data Entry – Technical Implementation

Mobile Data Entry – Customizing

Connection of Warehouse Control Units

The Technical Connection to a Warehouse Control Unit Using a Warehouse Control Unit – Scenarios

Decentralized Warehouse Management and Technical Themes

Decentralized Warehouse Management

Technical Topics

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